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Interviewing US Congressman Steve King.

2. September 2018 / 14:29 Uhr

Steve King: Bring Pride back to Austria

US Republican Congressman Steve King visited Vienna on his trip through Europe at the end of August. On August 24th, he offered a comprehensive interview exclusively to unzensuriert about his views on Europe, Trump, mass migration, nationalism and the Great Replacement. You can read the full interview right here:

Interviewer: Caroline Sommerfeld

unzensuriert: Mr. King, I am pleased to welcome you to Vienna, and that you saved some time to give an interview for unzensuriert. I d like to go straight to the point.

We recently got to know about the case of Mollie Tibbets, that took place in your home State of Iowa. In Germany and Austria, young identitarian activists held a campaign called “120db” (the sound of a pocket alarm that girls are recommended to carry with them when walking out alone) to raise consciousness on immigrant crime against women. Were there any similar protests in the US? How do you judge the case of Mollie Tibbets murderer?

Steve King: There haven t been any protests in the US on this. Yet, despite that her story captured the attention of the entire country and the world. And her sad ending, that she was victimized by an illegal alien does bring focus on something I have been harping on for more than 20 years. I haven t heard of a pocket alarm being recommended for girls, but what they suggested since we are a second amendment country is a gun. If Mollie Tibbetts had carried a 15 ounce gun, it would have been more useful to her than her cell phone. I don t want to see everybody in the US carrying a gun. It s not practical, they are heavy, you might only need it once in ten lifetimes. The defense I am really talking about is this: the individual who murdered Mollie Tibbetts should have never been in America.

The border patrol testified they have interdicted over a million illegals in a single year attempting to come into America. And they also testified in the same testimony, that they estimate they captured only 25% of those who try to come here illegally. When I go to the border and talk to the border patrol, they say: 10% has to come first. That s how loose and open that border is. And 80-90% of the illegal drugs consumed in the US come from or through Mexico. I sent out a tweet yesterday, that shows statistics of countries ranked by violent death rate. The violent death rate in Honduras is 94.7 per 100.000. Compare that to the violent death rate of Japan at 0.27 per 100,000. And, nine of the ten most violent countries in the world are south of the US border. 16 of the 20 most violent countries are also south of the US border. The remaining four are all small countries in Africa. So, what is happening is, we are getting illegal, and to an extent legal, immigrants coming into America. These are young men, pretty much the same demographics as those who came to Austria in 2015 and as those who still are coming to Austria. If you look at the boats full of them, if you look at the jail cells the border patrol gathers together: these guys are all military age. You can put them all into the military. They are invading our country, they are just not wearing uniforms. They come from the most violent countries in the world. Liberals in the US say that Mollie Tibbetts death is just because the perpetrator was male, that it didn’t have anything to do with him being a law breaker, a criminal. And what I say to those people who say that immigration isn t part of her death is: then go and tell her family, that if her killer had been deported the minute he set foot illegally on US soil, your daughter would still be dead. But they wouldn t do that because that would contradict their Leftist agenda. We have a sense of morality. They have an agenda. What is missing here from the mindset of the policy makers: they don t know this data. They don t want to acknowledge facts that contradict their agenda.

unzensuriert: They just consider this what we call “hate facts”.

Steve King: Oh, I didn t know that word before. (laughs)

unzensuriert: So, let me ask you another question. You are really interested in European right-wing parties and politics. Would it be good for the US if those forces grew stronger? Or do you believe – as some right-wing thinkers in Europe do – European states are puppet states of the USA, anyway?

Steve King: I believe in freedom. And I believe we all carry within us God given liberty. Liberty is suppressed by tyrants and Leftists. In 1977, they wanted to create a counter-balance to the United States and so they created a foundation for the “United States of Europe” in the form of the EU. The number of member states has doubled since. When I hear from people like Nigel Farage, that they send 75% of their tax money to the EU where they write the laws in Brussels leaving no way to reverse EU laws from a UK perspective,. I supported Brexit because the EU has become a trade protection citadel. I see the EU erasing the nation states: saying fly the EU flag, saying don t fly your national flags, saying nationalism is bad, saying the EU under the heavy hands of Brussels is good. I think the opposite. The idea that nationalism is bad because of the two World Wars in the previous century is understandable. But the most successful institutions in the world, at least in the last 200 years, have been the nation states. And if you don t have an effective nation state, with language, culture, respect for your history, then you end up with Brussels telling you: we don t have borders. And if you don t have borders, you become the nation state subsumed by those who reject your culture.

unzensuriert: Do you believe that the EU is also a threat for democracy?

Steve King: Well, I think they diluted the freedom of the people across Europe. I don t want to suggest that there is no function for the EU. If it were my choice, I would rather see a confederacy of nation states that join together in common cause. The people that live, for example, in Austria don t want to erase their borders. They are a distinct nation state and the people are rightfully proud of their history and culture. And that is true for, I think, every nation across the EU. From the perspective of the US you see: Europe had no threatened border for the last few decades. It is a new situation for Europe and her politics need to adjust to this change. Many US citizens have been wanting a wall along our border with Mexico. I believe it was in 2005, I was pushing for a wall. I have been pushing for a border wall since 2005. But people said, we can t build a wall. I started my company in the construction business, so I built a little model for them with two fences, a no man s land in between and everybody who gets caught within, can be sent home. I showed it to the House of Representatives, but they said, well, people will climb over it. Okay, we put a little wire on top. If they try and get over it, we’ll put some electricity in the wire. After that time they were talking about me wanting to electrify illegals. No, I would just put some current into the wire to serve as a deterrent.

Now you are having Erdogan in Turkey saying, “I can send millions of illegals to Europe.” He is bribing and threatening Europe, and it is a severe threat, he could do that. I did go to the border fence in Hungary, I went to Serbia and Croatia and I saw thousands of migrants moving through there. I talked to them and here is what I learned from them in my conversations: they are on their way into Germany. They were going by train through Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, to Germany. The standard answer was: “We are going to Germany.” How will you live? “Germany will take care of me.” I saw a video of Angela Merkel, in a town hall, and she was saying: “We can not be dictated to by fear. And you are exhibiting fear.” And she said: “We cannot stop them.” That s in the German Constitution to let in refugees. I think the Americans pushed that in right after the Second World War. And that which caught me most of all, she said, “The violence which they perpetrate against us will not be as severe as that which we have perpetrated against others in our most recent history.” Merkel was referring to Nazi atrocities. It is Nazi guilt which should not be laid at the feet of young Germans today. They were not responsible for that time in history.

When thinking about this migration issue, I must tell you something. Years ago a book, “The Camp of the Saints” came into my hands. Why does the left denigrate this book? Why do they say it s a radical, racist book? I read the book, so it was all completely logical to me that this could come to pass. And that this narrative should be imprinted into everybody’s brain: when you are importing people, even importing one single person, you are importing their culture. If you don t import one, ten, or a hundred, but a million: then they will subsume the native culture. I give you the example of my grandmother, who migrated to the USA from Germany. So my father grew up in a German speaking home. It was hard for him. He knew the word kindergarten when he went to school but didn’t speak English. When he came home from his first day of school and said “Hello” to his mother in German. She said to him, “Speaking German in this house is for you from now on verboten! I came here to become an American. That means speaking English. You are going to go to school, learn English, and bring it home and teach it to me!”

unzensuriert: Another question came up to my mind while I heard your words. Let s see if it is too provocative. In your opinion: is Islam the problem or Western liberalism?

Steve King (laughing): I promised to answer every question. Let’s see if I have an answer to that one. They have teamed up against Western civilization. Between the two of them, it is like fighting a two front war. So how is it, that the liberals, the leftists, on the one side, could build an alliance with the misogynistic hard core rightist Islamic people that have no tolerance for anything? These are the alliances that are squeezing Western civilization. from either side, the right and the left. How can the women s movement embrace a misogynist religion? That s indeed stunning. It means to me, they hate Western civilization more than anything. I am in this business for 20 years now, and I always watched this: when the left is taking on an agenda, then it is about chiseling away at the pillars of exceptionalism that has been grown by Western civilization. Freedom of speech, religion and press, property rights, Judeo-Christian values, all these things that are so important. I describe America today as the flagship of Western Civilization. Ronald Reagan used to speak about America as the “shining city on a hill”. It is more flat than a hill, but …

unzensuriert: Isn t it Jerusalem, this metaphor stands for?

Steve King: Well, it is still hard to climb up that hill. I say instead: a shining city built on the pillars of the exceptionalism of Western civilization. And Western Civilization in the analytical view is a superior civilization. There is no civilization that has even come close to creating the medicine, the science, this standard of living, this Rule of Law. This is how I describe the shining city. It is built upon the perimeter pillars; freedom of speech, which you need a lot more of in Europe, freedom of the press, freedom of religion. Above all is Judeo-Christian values, that we have a God-given morality that comes down from above within each of us. If we don t defend Western Civilization, then we will become subjugated by the people who are the enemies of faith, the enemies of justice. I remember when I once was giving an interview on NBC and Charlie Peirce said, “One could be an optimist and hope this is going to be the last Republican convention where old white people have anything to say about it”. Okay, “That kind of talk is a little tiresome and old, isn t it?” I remarked. I asked: “Can you name another subgroup that has contributed more?” “More than white people?” the reporter asked with a leer on his face. “More than Western Civilization itself!”, I responded. “No subgroup has contributed more to Western civilization.” The video of this went viral because I defended Western civilization on national television. My gosh.

unzensuriert: You were also quoted in a derogatory way as wanting a totally “homogenous nation where we all look just the same”.

Steve King: Oh, that was great. Look, I can envision generations from now, centuries from now, where everyone eventually starts to look the same, if we get enough intermarriage which is the most effective form of assimilation. My son, who is my campaign manager, said: “Dad, you are the only politician ever to be called a racist for advocating for inter-racial marriage.” They twisted the point 180 degrees! They think that I envision that everybody turns white. I don t see Caucasians to be genetically dominant. Blue eyes and blond hair are recessive. So I envision more and more assimilation, and that s positive, and one day, we will all look substantially the same.

unzensuriert: Sounds like Coudenhove-Kalergi, doesn t it? Within just a few years, what in America is called the “racial question” has grown and is more and more important in Europe, too. Do you believe it is easier or more difficult to handle in Europe or abroad?

Steve King: It is very hard to handle in the US, but in Europe I think it is more difficult. And the biggest reason is lack of freedom of speech. Here in Vienna I got to know someone, she s facing a hate speech conviction for asking a rhetorical question. Also, I phoned Geert Wilders the day he was found guilty of hate speech. Found guilty because he said something that was objectively true but objectionable to Moroccans. In the US, freedom of speech doesn t require it to be factual. That is the major difference between freedom of speech in the US and in several countries in Europe: if you say something that is offensive, it does not necessarily have to be true. How can a civilization avoid a slow motion cultural suicide if one can t even utter the truth?

In Greek philosophy there was pride in reason over emotion, to think rationally. But today, I m watching emotion take over reason. When I made a statement on Twitter saying “We can t restore our civilization with somebody else s babies”, it seemed to be more irritating to the left than anything I have ever said. First of all, the total fertility rate in Europe is below replacement rate. When that happens, you are a dying civilization. Last September I was coming back from Taiwan, and they are having 1,0 babies per woman. 2,1 is replacement. So when will the last Taiwanese woman reach menopause? There is a 55 year half-life at 1,0, so it will take over 700 years. But their population will be cut in half in 55 years. You need a growing population. In the US it is 1,8, and in most of Europe about 1,4 babies per woman, except for France. If we continue to abort our babies and import a replacement for them in the form of young violent men, we are supplanting our culture, our civilization.

unzensuriert: But talking about France, you mean the already replaced France, or just the “français de souche“, the people who are originally and ethnically French?

Steve King: That is an important point. If you separate out those who are not of French origin, and then you look at France’s total fertility rate, it is probably not a lot different from Germany or Austria. Replacement rates is the one big factor. Another factor is abortion rates.

unzensuriert: That is almost the answer to a question I wanted to ask you about your position on abortion: is there any connection between the UN replacement migration – the “Global Compact on Migration” for example, that will be ratified in December – and “Planned Parenthood”?

Steve King: It is all interconnected. In the US, we have almost a million abortions a year, babies who would be raised by American parents. Then we bring in 1,2 million legal immigrants a year and add another 600,000 or so illegal immigrants. The US subtracts from its population a million of our babies in the form of abortion. We add to our population approximately 1,8 million of “somebody else’s babies” who are raised in another culture before they get to us. We are replacing our American culture 2 to 1 every year. In addition, only between 7% & 11% of the 1,2 million and zero% of the 600,000 illegals are based on merit. We have no say about the qualifications of approximately 1,7 million legal and illegal immigrants each year. We don’t even ask the question, “What can you do for our country?” I see some similar issues going on here in Europe.

Unzensuriert: That s what we call the “Great Replacement”.

Steve King: Great replacement, yes. These people walking into Europe by ethnic migration, 80% are young men. They are somebody else s babies. They have been already raised in the culture of another country. They are not in the cradle anymore. And I would argue: you could take any baby out of the cradle and put it to the bosom of a mother and a father in another country and they will grow up as part of the culture of the father and the mother. If you don t do that, you will have to use great effort to assimilate. And if migrants reject the host culture, I know that is really bad in Europe, but it s bad enough in the US, you get these silos of ethnicity, where you can drive by in your Mercedes and say, “Oh look, how multicultural I am,” but that is wrong, it is just a mosaic. I have said that diversity is not a strength. The Left just repeats it again and again, but it is mindless. What does this diversity bring that we don t already have? Mexican food, Chinese food, those things, well, that s fine, but what does it bring that we don t have that is worth the price? We have a lot of diversity within the US already.

unzensuriert: We have a great inner diversity within Europe, too. See, if you compare a Swedish person to a southern Italian, a Frenchman to a Polish, you see the diversity of European peoples we already have.

Steve King: I see, but they don t. They, the Left, say all people are the same to them, but they stereotype people because of their skin color.

unzensuriert: But that s racist!

Steve King: It really is! Okay, let me tell you something. In my home town, they hired an advisor, paid him a good check, to tell them how our city can get prepared for the next century, improve, and so on. 400 people gathered in the town hall expecting hear what he would say. And he said: “You don t have enough diversity, that is your problem.” I know these people because I grew up with them: they are Danes, they are Germans, they are Norwegians, they are Irish. That is a great deal of diversity! So that s the picture: multiculturalism to liberals is race. In the center of all they think it s race. They think we re racists, that diversity is a variety of skin colors. And that s why they have a Congressional Black caucus, Congressional Hispanic caucus, a Congressional women s caucus. So why, after Martin Luther King s assassination, could one believe one should form a Black caucus? Didn’t they march and demonstrate for integration? For equal opportunity? They don t want that. They want special privileges.

When you import massive numbers of people from other cultures, and you say the only problem is race, and others are racist, you are wrong. But assimilation can take diversity and make it strong. Maybe not as strong as not having cultural diversity. I often explain it like this: When I was a freshman, in our woodworking class we were supposed to make something nice that would be our project for the semester. I made a walnut base for a lamp. I found some pieces of wood; mahogany, pine, cherry, oak, and other pieces. I cut them up into 4 inches squares, and then stacked them on top of each other. That was a pretty diverse selection of wood. But if you just stack it, it would fall apart. I glued them and then pressed them together and let the glue dry. What I still have now is a diversity lamp: that is diversity with strength, but the strength comes from the glue, not the wood. I had to apply a lot of assimilation in the form of glue, then press it together.

What are the components of assimilation? Language, religion and family. A common language is the most powerful unifying force in the history of humanity. If you want to unify a people, give them a common language. For the United States, English needs to be our official language. And there is something else too: when I was in school, we started the day with a prayer and the pledge of allegiance to our flag. We pledged “One nation under God”, sometimes but not always we would sing the national anthem, and we studied the history of our country. It is not all focused on the War, but on the accomplishments of the people, our common nationality, the inventions and creations and successes. The things that inspire young people to achieve.

unzensuriert: I went to the US together with my family. Our oldest son went to kindergarten there, he was about 6 years old and was already able to read. So within about two months, he started reading easy children s books on American history. I found that really great, because it was all about a great “us” one could identify with. If you look at history education in Austria, it always has to be “critical“, children can t identify with what they hear.

Steve King: So I suggest: bring pride back to Austria! And bring pride back in to Germany again. I came to Germany about 15 years ago, and a lot of conversations started with the words: “I am German, therefore I apologize”. I took note the first time I heard this from an individual. But after I heard this ten, twelve times, then I knew: it s the culture. When I interviewed Poles, especially the Jewish Poles that are left, and there are not very many of them, their level of resentment is so deep that they think any time a German opens his mouth he should apologize first. And I think you can t pass the sins of the fathers on to the succeeding generations. They need to know their history, they need to be aware of it, but that s not their sins. They were not yet born.

unzensuriert: Let me turn to another point that may be of interest to  our readers. George Soros does intervene into US-politics as well as into European affairs. So I would like to ask you how powerful the US-president is at all. What role does he play for the dissident forces in Europe in your view?

Steve King: I think Donald Trump is independent and free from forces that dictate his actions.

unzensuriert: Not even the deep state?

Steve King: I think that he is such an enemy to the deep state that they fear him, but I don t think that he reacts to the threat that they are. That was stunning to me. In one of his first speeches I attended in the John Wayne Museum in Iowa, 400 grey haired, rural people were present. sandwiches and potato chips. I know them, I grew up with them. They would never brag, they are humble people, and Donald Trump started his speech this way: “I m rich.” Pause. “I m really rich.” Pause. “I m really, really rich”. That s Trump. I thought they would all get up and leave. But they enjoyed it. They were 100% for Donald Trump. At that time I could not connect why they would accept his vanity. I have described Donald Trump as “the man who has mastered everything except humility.” He is good for America. We have had presidents that ran around and apologized. Bill Clinton did a contrition tour around the world, and Barack Obama did a contrition tour around the world, too. He went to Africa and apologized for slavery as if this was something unique to America. What was the only civilization that developed a moral revulsion to slavery? Western civilization. A moral revulsion to slavery. And what is the civilization that has the most adherence to slavery? Middle-eastern, Muslim countries. We are supposed to embrace that culture, where women are being mutilated and caged up and dressed so that you can only see their eyes?

unzensuriert: From your words I can extract that you are more of a civic nationalist than an ethnic nationalist, are you?

Steve King: I guess “civic” may be able to describe what I am, yes. I m not an ethnic nationalist. because I look at all these people and I just see the diversity of skin colors. The important foundation is yet the moral foundation. And when I go around the world and meet all these people, I have more confidence that I am safer and being treated better when I am among Christians. If I go into the middle East and meet with the Chaldeans, the Syrian Christians, I know how they think and I know what they believe. So it s a lot easier to rationalize with them then with a Leftist in the United States. That does not mean that we reject those people s beliefs, but that we should reject blindly opening our doors to let them in. If we let that happen, our civilization will fall and “Camp of the Saints” becomes manifest all over Western Civilization.

The Left thinks all people and cultures are interchangeable and diversity is always good, and we can tolerate the rape and the murder that goes along with it, like Molly Tibbetts, for example. The Left is already saying this. But I want to make this point very, very strongly: you always import the culture. So let s describe it in a picture: if we borrow the flotilla from “Camp of the Saints”, and use it to deport all Japanese to Mexico, and all the Mexicans to Japan. The Japanese would step out very early in the morning and say: “Look at this farmland! Look at all this oil we have, these minerals and all these natural resources. We can now raise all our own food and produce all of our own energy.” And so on, with all their technology and engineering. But the name of their country would no longer be Mexico, it would be Japan. I mean, that is what would happen, and the other way round with the Mexicans. Mexicans would turn the Japanese islands into Mexico. And if you don t understand this, walk through the no-go zones all over Europe.

unzensuriert: I just have one last question. If you agree with most European right-wingers, that there is such a thing as a plan for the Great replacement, are there forces you can name, people you can point at? Who is going to execute this plan and why?

Steve King: I guess Soros is part of your question. Soros has engaged in the US election. Years ago he was involved in five secretary-of-state races in the States. And we had very close Congressional races that were decided by the decisions of the Soros influenced Secretaries of States. One US Senator won by about 150 votes and people said this was directed by Soros. We might not have had “Obamacare” without Soros. His money floats in in such a way you can t see the flow, but if you trace it back you can connect it to his foundation.

We saw the “Women s March” the day after the inauguration. I was in Washington, and there were at least as many if not more to protest against the inauguration of Trump as there were to celebrate it. And they made those silly pink hats and were yelling the worst obscenities. I was surrounded by them, and I went into a Mc Donald s. There were a lot of pink hats in it, and suddenly they spotted me. We had an argument, and one of them said I can t afford my insurance anymore, because you Republicans don t support Obamacare. She flew from Arizona to Washington D.C. to join the protests. In the end I think that could have been Soros money. At least somebody funded that with millions of dollars and organized it quickly. And I went to Macedonia where I found that Soros funded the “opposition” with millions of dollars and with that money, or part of that money, they hired an interpreter to translate “Rules for Radicals” into Macedonian. You know “Rules for Radicals”?

unzensuriert: I know this, but I have used it ever since for right-wing purposes. For example the rule “Make the enemy live by his own book of rules” is perfectly to be applied to lefties who are so inconsequent. Or the rule of ridiculing the political opponent. So, “Generation Identity”, they have read this Saul Alinsky book.

Steve King: That s good advice. I have a copy of that book in Macedonian. There are about 2 million Macedonians and they have spread that book all over the country. And then there was a radical takeover in parliament in Macedonia. But why do American taxpayers have to fund undermining the governments of a free people? In a hotel in Pristina a man came up to me, I don t know who it was, but I could imagine, and said “You have to keep Soros out of Kosovo!” They told me Soros is operating in 60 different countries. There needs to be an antidote to Soros. I m not a big money guy, I m not sitting on billions of dollars. But I have a voice and I have a network of people. So how do we produce the antidote to what George Soros is doing? This idea of secular liberalism is eroding away and assaulting our civilization. One thing is the effort that Steve Bannon is doing. 

unzensuriert: I tried to understand what Bannon would mean?

Steve King: I want him to be successful. But here is my vision, and it is different. I didn t know that Bannon was going to launch this although he is a friend.

My plan, my strategy has been this: let me tell you one more narrative. More and more people have despair that Western Civilization is on the decline, that it is in a death spiral. In “The Strange Death of Europe”, Douglas Murray did a very accurate job. I hear this, I read this, I look around and I think: what would it take to put all this together? And why didn t we defend it more strongly before it was too late? Some people say it is too late. Sweden is gone, they say. I have been three times to the Cologne Cathedral and twice received the historian’s description of how and when it was built. And this is what I learned: the original corner stone of that church was laid in 332 A.D., just at the time when Christianity arrived in Europe on the banks of Rhine river. They managed to build the church on the banks of the Rhine and before the Dark Ages began. At the beginning of the Middle Ages, about 1050 A.D., the architects drew a plan of this massive Gothic cathedral. As I understood it, the original corner stone still is there somewhere. They built a hundred years and then for another hundred years. In the middle of the 13th century, they ran out of money. What do you do if you have faith? You continue the fundraising until you have enough money. So they raised money for 600 years. Six hundred years. And they came to that point about 1850 when they said, “Now we have enough money to finish the cathedral.” So they picked up the plans which were drawn 800 years earlier, dusted them off and finished their cathedral. And it stands to this day. So, why would we ever think that in a period of time of 10, 15 or 30 years, our civilization is going to expire? Why would we lose faith in who we are, if our ancestors could sustain our core civilization and core values throug

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